Posted by John on October 4, 2011

Sony plans to implement the PSN Pass on All PS3 Exclusives

Its not a bad idea.

With the Socom 4 pass. We got access to Weapons, maps and modes before everyone else, but Sony releasedSocomPro to everyone for free anyway so its a Win Win situation for everyone.

Buying games “NEW” isnt expensive. The amount of games this year that have sold at £45+ on release then drop by almost half in 2 weeks its crazy.

And to be honest Used game’s still cost alot. you could buy a used newly released game and it would be about £3 cheaper, £5 at the most.

Just have to shop around, Game Gamestation do have some deals but they mostly just rip you off. Amazon, Zavvi, Play are all good for New games. Especially Most pre-orders are like £35. and you actually get your game on the day of release for free.

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