Posted by John on September 30, 2011

Capcom: PS3 Has the Lowest Rate of Piracy on Any Platform

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Piracy is a big problem for all game platforms, but the measures Sony have taken to alleviate PlayStation 3 piracy have been very effective according to Capcom U.S. vice president Christian Svensson. The PS3 jailbreak fiasco could have spelled disaster for Sony, but, according to Svenson, the PS3 currently holds the crown for having the least pirated software on the market.

Speaking in regards to piracy on PS3, Svenson told Eurogamer:

Piracy exists on almost every console to varying degrees. The only one I would say is fairly inconsequential to our business, as much as we can tell, is PlayStation 3. Obviously the PlayStation 3 was opened up [jailbroken], and through a variety of systems, Sony has managed to largely put that genie back in the bottle, to the point where the scene is nowhere near as large as it is on other platforms.

That’s good news for Sony, and even better new for the community of people who choose to game on the PlayStation 3. A low piracy rate means more revenue for publishers, so they can keep releasing high budget games month after month.

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