Posted by John on September 28, 2011

Dark Souls bugs get worse after PS3 patch 1.02

Posted September 28, 2011 by Simon Williams in News.

From Software may have fixed the online freezing issues that have plagued Dark Souls since its PS3 Japanese launch last week, but have confirmed that Patch 1.02 introduces a whole new set of bugs and glitches into the game.

Dark Souls may have wowed critics in Japan, but the PS3 version has had a troubled first week over there, with the revelation that the latest Patch 1.02 – while curing the game’s online freezing issue – has managed to create a whole new set of glitches and bugs into the game.

The first and biggest issue is that a number of non-playing characters are disappearing from the game entirely after the update is applied. Another problem is that Dark Souls will hang whenever you try to load the trophy set. From Software have released a list of the new glitches in Patch 1.02 [in Japanese], and are promising a new set of patches to fix this update.

Dark Souls was released exclusively for PlayStation 3 in Japan on September the 22nd, and will launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on October the 4th and UK and Europe on Friday the 7th.

Check back next Monday for our exhaustive Dark Souls review, and while you’re waiting for that verdict you can keep up with all the latest Dark Souls news here at BeefJack.

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