Posted by John on September 27, 2011

PS3 gets ‘Video Unlimited’ movie browser

If you’ve always thought browsing movies on the PlayStation Video Store wasn’t quite up to scratch, you now have another option.

Sony US has released a new ‘Video Unlimited - Preview’ app for the PS3 that lets you easily browse through the 40,000+ movies and shows on the PS Store.

The content from the PS store is mirrored in a more visual menu system that that Sony says will make it easier for you to find the genres, actors and directors of your liking.

Only PlayStation Plus subscribers can download the preview app today, but it will be available to the general user “in a few weeks”, according to Sony.

A video of the new browser app is below. There’s no word on a UK release.

The PS3 console has reached 51.8 million units sold globally, Sony announced at its Tokyo Game Show press conference this month.

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