Posted by John on September 26, 2011

Mystery PS3 trailer teases… something

Sony’s released a new PlayStation 3 trailer although what it’s for exactly, we don’t know.

The trailer sees a solider scuttle through some woods, into a house where he appears to pay a woman (who takes all kinds of currency, it seems) to get into a room where lots of people have already gathered.

Above the entrance to the house there’s what looks like three Latin words that we think translate to ‘Long Live Play’ Sony’s new slogan. The trailer finishes with an archaic looking date - 10.5.11.

Speculation around the internet is that the video is teasing the new PlayStation Home, which Sony revealed first details for last week.

It makes sense because it’s also been reported that the new PS Home will get its own free-to-play FPS multiplayer game called Bootleggers.

Have a look and see what you think:

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