Posted by John on September 20, 2011

NBA 2K12 Demo Impressions (PS3)

So today we all finally got our hands on the NBA 2K12 demo and if you are like me then you have probably played it 20 or 30 times.  After playing the demo extensively I have to say that I am torn as to how I feel about it. As far as demos go, I can’t say that its the best I have ever played. It’s obvious that the 2K guys have cut a lot of stuff out as to not give away anything really cool just yet but personally it made for a very disjointed experience. The intros are cut down and speed up to the point where you can kind of get a feel for how the new intros will look but really.

nba-2k12-mavs-heatIn terms of actual gameplay I am kind of neutral on that as well. You can obviously tell they have made some improvements especially in terms of defense but there is nothing in the demo that will jump out to you and take you off the fence if you were on it in terms of buying NBA 2K12. It has to be noted that the demo is probably running a build of the game that is several months old and nowhere near what the finished product will play like. Honestly, I hope that is the case because at least in the demo it appears like passing is going to be an issue this year as well. Several of the times that I was playing the demo the same issues in terms of passing that aggravated me last year were present this time. The issues with guys getting into passing lanes at times they shouldn’t have or guys stealing the ball even though they didn’t see it were still present.

I feel like 2K Sports played it a little to safe with this demo and in a year where they need to do everything they can to get people excited about the game I don’t know if they did that. I didn’t like the fact that you were forced to play with the Mavericks, I mean you are playing the Heat but instead of getting to run with Lebron and D-Wade you will find yourself getting run by them. You can’t adjust the controls or the cameras either. I also didn’t like the fact that the Heat would sub but you couldn’t.

All in all, I’m going to say my opinion on the NBA 2K12 demo is neutral. While it didn’t do anything to make me want the game more, it didn’t do anything to dampen my enthusiasm for the game either. I understand that demos for sports games are hard because they don’t want to tip their hand too much but I just wish they would have shown us just a bit more. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression, I enjoyed playing the demo it just wasn’t anywhere near as good as I hoped it would be. Without commentary or the ability to call plays it just kind of turns into a run and gun and trust me the Mavericks aren’t at an advantage in that battle.

My final call on the NBA 2K12 demo is enjoy it for what it is and don’t beat it up too much for what it’s not. I don’t know that it will keep you entertained until October 4th when the game drops since you can’t use both teams but it should help you kill some time for a few days.

But that’s just me, tell me what you all think , were you blown away by the NBA 2K12 demo?

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