Posted by John on September 17, 2011

GAME ups price of sold out Dead Island

It’s a very corporate and marketing heavy store. I imagine that they like the games cover facing outwards so that customers can see the ‘buy one get one free’ stickers.

As for alphabetical, well, thats great idea but we have a huge amount of work to do on very few working hours. As you can imagine, 99p games have very little importance in a store that can sell £200 upwards products.

The GAME group have some incredibly annoying sales strategies which I won’t go into now. For the staff they are frustrating. For the customer they are frustrating. But, for marketing executives they are boxes ticked.

My biggest annoyance, and this REALLY drives me *****ing mad, is that we are forced to integrate pre-owned titles into the new stock charts. So, when you see the new releases there will always be a pre-owned title in front of them. Again, for profitability this is genius. But, as a video game nerd with a passion for the games and the industry, this is infuriating and in my personal opinion one of the reasons that we, the consumers, are paying so much money for games. Developers and publishers spend a huge amount of money on getting the games to Market. Greedy retailers then advertise the product only once, on launch day. After that the Market push is to sell the pre-owned copy of the game. This cuts the publisher out of the deal and keeps all of the profit at store level.

A lot of people slammed David Cage, or whoever the representitive was for Quantic Dreams, the other day over his annoyance about the used sales of Heavy Rain. Well, I didn’t comment but I actually feel bad for them. I see first-hand how damaging the Market place can be for them.

Apologies for the long reply. But, this ***** is pretty close to my heart.

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