Posted by John on September 16, 2011

PS3 Version of Studio Ghibli’s Ni no Kuni Gets a US Release Date


Sad panda Studio Ghibli fans can now cheer up thanks to a new announcement from Level-5 president Akihiro Hino. Hino has confirmed that an English version of Ni no Kuni, the RPG collaboration between Level-5 and Ghibli originally released on the DS back in 2010, is currently in production and will be coming to North American stores sometime in 2012. The release will be for the expanded PS3 version of the game, which releases in Japan on November 17th.

This announcement came during a SCEA press conference held today amidst all the dream-making over at the Tokyo Game Show. Hino also let the general public know that Ni no Kuni will feature DLC, but no official statement was made concerning the content or slated release.

Level-5 hasn’t made any plans for a Chinese text version, but Hino states that if there is a huge demand, his company will listen.

The PS3 version of Ni no Kuni, subtitled Shiroki Seihai no Jo?, was developed concurrently with the DS version but features a number of significant changes to the art assets and plot elements. According to Hino, the PS3 game will follow the same storyline as the DS release up until the middle of the title, and will also contain additional content picking up where the original ended.

The game centers around a teenage boy, Oliver, and his quest to revive his mother in a parallel world called Ni no Kuni. If Studio Ghibli’s prior work is any indication, you’ll probably be in tears by the time the credits roll.

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