Posted by John on September 15, 2011

Play PS3 Games on your PS Vita

In the news….

Xbox’s closest thing to a mobile gaming device has disappointing sales.

in other news.

PS vita’ only the hottest HD handheld gaming device ever sales sky rocket post Japan launch – via Punch Jump

In addition we are seeing a horrible repeat for Microsoft, Reminiscent of the horrible failures of Zune. In that not only is the apple iphone kicking Windows phone 7?s butt, but so is the army of Google Adroid phones.

Things are not looking pretty for Microsoft in all markets except the US, for it’s home console the Xbox 360, which even though outdated, overpriced, overhyped it still sells to thousands of idiots. In the rest of the world 360 takes an familiar place as # 3 console world wide.

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