Posted by John on September 12, 2011

Zombie Epidemic Spreads: Call Of Duty Zombie Rezurrection Coming To PS3

Is it even worth it to mention that we just KNEW this Map Pack wasn’t going to be exclusive to the Xbox for long? Of course it isn’t. What is just a tad bit surprising is how they are still releasing these with the debut of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 right around the corner. But there are still plenty of bros out there putting in serious time in Call of Duty: Black Ops, so why not try and suction out a few more dollars from their virtual wallets.

This time around, they aren’t focusing at all on the competitive play though, it’s all zombie maps, all the time. The folks at Treyarch certainly aren’t keeping this one grounded in reality (not that any zombie map is grounded in reality, especially the one where you play as the four world leaders), and now you can say that in more ways than usual as one of the new maps, appropriately titled “Moon”, takes place on the moon. Promising to deliver new weapons and gear, and featuring low gravity, it should certainly offer a few new twists on the gameplay.

The other four maps in the collection won’t be quite as unique, especially if you played a lot of Call of Duty: World at War or purchased the most expensive version of BLOPS. That’s because they are four of the maps that started it all, updated just a bit for new gamers. Go back to “Nacht der Üntoten,” escape the Zombie madness in the asylum of “Verrückt,” battle back the undead Imperial Army of “Shi No Numa,” and pull the plug on “Der Riese,” the zombie factory that started it all.

This latest pack will be available on September 22nd, likely for the standard $14.99, and to help celebrate, Treyarch will be hosting a double XP weekend following the release so you can go prestige with your pals before shooting some shuffling shamblers. As usual, we’ll try and procure some codes on-site to distribute to the diehards!

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