Posted by John on September 10, 2011

Dark Souls third ‘Prologue’ video tells of the war between Dragons and Lords

When two great powers meet, there is sure to be conflict, and when the Lords came into being, they challenged the Dragons for dominance.  We’re talking about the new Dark Souls trailer, obviously.

The third Dark Souls Prologue video is actually the least obscure of all three so far.  The first spoke of first life, and the second mentions how the Lords came to be.  The third — that’s today’s video — actually offers up a little more action, touching on the war that was waged between Dragons and Lords.  The Lords, god-like beings in Dark Souls, won the conflict with their magic, summoning fire and disease, but the Dragons were also betrayed, thus leading to their fall.

Dark Souls will be released on October 4 for Xbox 360 and PS3.  The first Prologue video can be found here, and you can watch the second part here.

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