Posted by John on September 9, 2011

NCAA Football 12 Title Update #2 Now Live On PS3 And Xbox 360

NCAA Football 12 has been out for a while and for the most part it has been well received, we thought it was damn good. It wasn’t without its issues though. EA Sports has announced that Title Update #2 is available now on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Just to bring you back up to date on what title update #2 addresses because there have been a few additions, check it below. Check out the updates and after you download it and get some time with it let us know what you think.

Custom Playbooks

As previously noted, the missing play issue has been fixed. At the time of the last blog it was believed that all existing playbooks would be automatically fixed by this update, but we’ve learned that there are a small percentage of playbooks that are beyond repair and will need to be deleted. If you’ve never experienced a problem with your Custom Playbook feel free to continue using it as normal, but if you have had an issue prior to Title Update #2 try the playbook again. Before using the previously existing playbook you will need to first resave the playbook, once you do that you will be able to take it in-game. If everything works great, then your playbook problems are solved. If not you will need to delete that playbook and create a new one.

One other note about previously existing custom playbooks, once you resave the playbook the audibles will be reset to default. You will need to reset your custom audibles in order to use them in-game.


The fix to the issue where a player’s tendency changed when that player was edited still does not negate any previously edited roster file. The fix will be applied to both those existing files, as well as any new roster file that is created.

If you are in a Dynasty or Online Dynasty you will not need to restart as long as your Dynasty is still in year one (how many of us is that) and you have not advanced past “Training Results” in the off-season. If you are before this point, the update will be applied to your existing Dynasty/Online Dynasty and the tendencies will be correct for all players going forward. If you are in year two and beyond, the tendency issue impact will be less and less as the players graduate/are cut from the rosters.

In addition to the tendencies issue, we have also included both the ability to edit height and weight for players, as well as the option to edit the rosters of CPU controlled teams. In an Online Dynasty the commissioner will have the ability to edit the rosters for other human controlled teams.

Finally, a bug was fixed with the profanity filter that was preventing many common names from being entered. Now, any name can be entered, for offline use. A profanity filter is applied to Online Dynasty when the Dynasty is created. If you prefer to opt out of this filter, you can set the Dynasty to Private and the profanity check will not run.


A major focus for this Title Update was to address any freezes/crashes that were found. There were a number of these issues fixed in this Title Update including a crash that occurred when there were multiple TeamBuilder teams in an Online Dynasty, as well as a crash that occurred during the downloading of an Online Dynasty file. Also an issue was fixed where a roster file could become corrupt, causing a crash at the Press Start screen.


-Increased the acceleration of QB’s on Speed Option plays.

-Improved WR blocking, especially on option plays

-Fixed an issue where defenders assigned to play the curl to flat/buzz zone did not engage immediately when the QB scrambles past the LOS.

-Fixed an issue where safeties with inside deep ¼ zone would drop back instead of read-and-react on run plays.

-Fixed an issue in Nickel Cover 3 where the flat zone defender didn’t move as the QB was running at them.

-Fixed an issue with Double Outs from 4-2-5 Normal where the RLB wasn’t blocked properly vs. certain formations.

-Improved the QB’s decision making on where to run after keeping the ball on a Read Option play.


-Fixed an issue that caused a blank photo to be uploaded leading to issues with other highlights being uploaded.


-Fixed an issue in Online Dynasty where injured players did not remain injured when the week advanced.

-Fixed an issue where a player’s injury time was only reduced by one week when going from Conference Championship week to Bowl Season. Players will now be back for their Bowl game if they should be off of the IR when their bowl game is played.

-Fixed an issue where coaches that changed jobs could get stuck in a state where they were still listed as coaching at their old school on the Players Leaving screen, leading to a Transfer Failed issue.

-Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented Dynasties from advancing past week 15.

-Fixed an issue with the schedule that prevented entering the Virginia Tech vs. Boston College game (fixed for both Dynasty and RTG).

-Fixed an issue where recruiting related trophies/achievements were not unlocked properly if you signed an extension in that season.

-Fixed an issue with Program Stability where the grade would drop from A+ to D+ in one season.

-Fixed an issue with the Unlock All Promises PDLC not unlocking properly on the Dynasty website.

-When viewing an Online Dynasty invite, added information to show what type of job can be selected by default.

-Fixed an issue when in the off-season where player stats did not match up between the web and console.

-Fixed an issue when recruiting from the web where an incorrect error pop-up would come up claiming that you were currently recruiting on the console.

-Fixed an issue with Custom Conferences which removed the limit to the number of swaps that could be made.

-Fixed an issue with Custom Conferences which caused an unbalanced number of conference games among conference members.

-Fixed an issue with Custom Conferences where the conference schedule would not be generated properly if a TeamBuilder team was used in a conference with protected rivals.


-Fixed an issue where CB’s could not audible after earning the ability to do so through Coach Trust.

-Fixed an issue where HB’s could not flip the play after earning the ability to do so through Coach Trust.


-Fixed an issue where player’s online stats were not displaying promptly on the Online Leaderboards.

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