Posted by John on September 8, 2011

Sony: 360 Leads But We Have Better Software Growth

PlayStation 3
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Although the competition has the hardware lead, Sony says Microsoft can’t boast better software growth.

In speaking to IndustryGamers, Sony public relations boss Rob Dyer first admitted to better sales of Microsoft’s machine (1.6 360s sold for every 1 PS3 sold), but when it comes to which version of a game to purchase, he says consumers go for the PS3 version due to superior content. He gave the example of Mortal Kombat (the PS3 version boasted Kratos) and the upcoming Battlefield 3, which fits on one Blu-Ray disc (the 360 version needs two DVDs). Added Dyer:

“Although Microsoft has a 1.6 to 1 index ratio against us [on hardware], we outsold them on Mortal Kombat nearly at a one to one. So that is due in large part to the exclusive content that you’re getting on disc. You’ll see that happening on almost every case where we’ve had a game that they’ve supported with on disc content or with exclusive DLC.”

Dyer cited other examples of multiplatform titles that performed better on the PS3 thanks to extra content packed onto the disc, and that includes Medal of Honor, L.A. Noire, and NBA 2K11. He also indicated Portal 2’s performance, which was assisted by Steam integration and a free copy of the PC version. As for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the timed DLC in favor of Microsoft:

“They’re going to be a month exclusive… But they’re not running any higher than what the index ratio is - they’re right at 1.6. In spite of all the millions that Microsoft has spent on that relationship with Activision, people aren’t voting to buy a 360 version of that over and above a PS3 version, given the installed base.”

The 360 still holds a significant sales lead in North America but when counting global sales, the gap has shrunk to almost nothing due to strong PS3 sales in Europe and the almost non-existent status of the 360 in Japan. But as always, software is most important, as Dyer tries to tell us.

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9/8/2011 8:34:56 AM Ben Dutka

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