Posted by John on September 5, 2011

One box to rule’em all: PS3 and 360 crammed neatly into a PC case

Everyday, modders around the world pour their hearts and souls into crafting sweet video game console mods, but sometimes keeping it all simple and clean is best.

For example, Reddit reader “timofiend” has solved the problem of having to manage multiple consoles by fitting an 80GB PlayStation 3 (original “fat” ones) and an Xbox 360 S into one PC case. So, that’s what a PC tower is good for, we understand now.

Timofiend is working on revealing documentation on the building process but so far, he says he hasn’t really run into any huge issues.

In terms of overheating, Timofiend said that he skipped out on using liquid cooling because it was too expensive, and it looks like when both consoles are turned on at the same time, the temperature hovers at around 38-39 degrees celsius (100-102 degrees fahrenheit) for the PS3 and 37-38 degrees celsius (98.6-100 degrees fahrenheit) for the Xbox 360.

For now, all you can do is enjoy the dual-consoles-in-a-PC-case in the photos below. If he had used a slim PS3 (Timofiend said he didn’t want to go out and buy a new console), it’s not hard to imagine there’d be more room for heat release inside the case. We’re challenging Timofiend to toss in a Wii (or Wii U) in any future versions!

Imgur, via GameInformer and Reddit

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