Posted by John on September 4, 2011

Tomba Madden 12 Edit 360 and PS3 Update

Originally I was going to do just the 360 version and also JUST the edit of the attributes, but it’s become so much more with each passing day that i felt why not do a complete overhaul of the game by adding player equip edit player likeness and depth charts etc including missing players….

I didn’t realize some of the folks on here excited for the edit were in fact PS3 users…

In wanting to provide them with an option just as good as my fellow 360 users i decided to see how high the demand was from all the ps3 users chiming in on the editing process of madden 12 I’ve been doing now for the past 3 weeks starting with first testing Madden 11.

That meant I thought of stopping the 360 version and starting up the ps3 version so that a timely release could happen for both and not alienate both sides after a successful voting process

With votes now in and the polls closed i see that theres enough to warrant a ps3 version

However now since the 360 version is such a full blown PROJECT instead of a edit change it makes the ps3 version having to be that as well

So to somehow make sense of the whole thing I’ve come up with something hopefully everyone can tolerate and be patient for…

The 360 edit is being done right now.
the progress on the 360 version is as follows:

9 more teams to edit then depth charts and creation of players.

The depth charts and creation of players will take me 1 day to do.
The 9 teams roughly about 5 or 6 hrs total time to finish that.

I also have to do a two kinds of videos. One CPU VS CPU
and one user controlled version so that you guys can learn and see how much broadcast cam can be enjoyed.

That also requires a write up that will get it’s own new thread

And now once that is done then work on the PS3 version will begin and i will work tirelessly to get it into the hands of PS3 users.

The PS3 version WILL take about half the time that it took to make the 360 version so the wait will not be as long for a PS3 version.

I ask everyone to just be patient with me and the edit and please understand that THIS edit THIS roster these game settings I’m doing will make THIS Madden game have longevity down the road like NFL 2K5 has for many people. I am very confident that wen you play with my roster and settings you be able to enjoy madden like ever before

And with that I’m off to finish up the 360 version….

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