Posted by John on September 2, 2011

Sony Changes PS3 Slogan and Announces Sony Entertain Network brand

Looks like Sony is working on some major rebranding.  In the last week, Sony has out with two major changes to their marketing.  The first is new slogan for the Playstation 3 system.  That also heralds the return of Vice President of Everything Good about Sony, Kevin Butler.  The second is much larger, with a rebranding of Sony’s entertainment suite to Sony Entertainment Network.

The previous slogan for the PS3 was “It Only Does Everything.”  This slogan became more of a mockery as Playstation 2 backwards compatibility was famously removed, then the “Other OS” feature was dropped, then the Playstation Network was temporarily shut down, and now we find out the PS3 is never getting cross-game chat.  It was time for something new.

With a reintroduction trailer, bringing back Kevin Butler, fictional Vice President of “Your ad campaign quip here,” the new slogan was unveiled.  Now, the Playstation will officially be associated with “Long Live Play.”  This slogan doesn’t leave much room for negatives jokes towards Sony.  In fact, it sounds like something Nintendo would have come up with.

This slogan is perfectly timed.  Had this been done just before or after the PSN outage, the gaming community could have been saying “Well, they didn’t say ‘Long Live ONLINE Play.’”  I would have enjoyed that.

Then there is the new name for all of Sony’s entertainment services.  The umbrella will be called “Sony Entertainment Network,” which will encompass the Playstation Network, Qriocity music service, and video-on-demand services from Sony.  While PSN will remain unchanged, Qriocity has been renamed to “Music Unlimited” and the VOD service is now simply “Video Unlimited.”  All the same content providing partners will still be involved under the new name.

With all these new names, I wonder if Sony truly has changed its attitude to get back in the game, or this is just market spin to reenergize the fan base.  Only time will tell.

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