Posted by John on August 29, 2011

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Lacks Crossplatform Play on Xbox 360

It looks like Xbox 360 owners may start to feel the effect of a lack of Valve’s Steam service integration with Xbox Live, as a recent Kotaku preview on Counterstrike: Global Offensive teases cross platform play for the PC, PS3 and Mac platforms.

According to the article, Valve is planning on including cross-platform match making for gamers on those platforms, even enabling Move and keyboard and mouse support on the PlayStation 3 version of the game to make sure console players remain competitive. But the Xbox 360 is the odd one out — it seems like Xbox 360 owners will be limited to Xbox 360 owners. PlayStation 3 players previously saw crossplatform play with Portal 2 due to the inclusion of Steam, but it looks like Xbox 360 owners will also be sitting this one out.

If you’re curious if Steam will ever come to Xbox Live, check out this recent article on the topic.

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