Posted by John on August 26, 2011

Part #: PS3 ELA 19646

Madden NFL 12 will be available on August 30 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for $59.99, the Nintendo Wii for $49.99, the Playstation 2 and PSP for $39.99. A mobile version will be available on the iPad, iPod touch, Android, and feature phones at the same time. 

The Game Presentation
To rehash the basics of Madden, in addition to taking many thousands of words, is essentially pointless—the general gameplay doesn’t change much from year to year, and this year is no exception. The biggest change in Madden NFL 12 isn’t in how you play the game, but how the game looks and feels. Madden 12 is by far the most realistic Madden game, with improved graphics in nearly every aspect of the game. Take, for instance, the introductions to the game: Each team’s unique entrance onto the field has been recreated in Madden 12, so when your team comes onto the field it’s exactly how they do it in real life. Stadiums are more accurate than ever, making the whole experience of the game feel as if you’re watching Monday Night Football, and just happen to be able to control all the players. 

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