Posted by John on August 20, 2011

Four PS3 Titles Slated To Become Greatest Hits Soon?

Gran Turismo 5
+ Gran Turismo 5

Not like this would surprise anyone, given the popularity of the games in question.

As noted by, the French arm of has listed four “Platinum Range” PlayStation 3 titles; that’s the equivalent of our Greatest Hits.

Therefore, it appears Europe will be receiving Platinum versions of Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, and MotorStorm: Apocalypse. They will hold the discounted price of 24.98 Euros (about $36) and that should help boost sales for the established and critically acclaimed games. Here, we should expect all four to arrive on the Greatest Hit roster at some point, although we might have to wait for Apocalypse. That one just released here in North America in June, and games typically have to be on the market for a while before they qualify as a Greatest Hit.

Last we checked, it was 9 months, and the game needed to sell at least a half million copies. That may be different now but if a title still needs that 9-month time frame, MotorStorm will have to wait. The other three are definitely possible for September and October, as GT5 came out in November of 2010, LBP2 launched on January 18, and KZ3 arrived on February 22. And of course, our price for Greatest Hits games is $29.99.

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8/20/2011 10:29:13 AM Ben Dutka

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