Posted by John on August 18, 2011

The Next Major Gaming Console Advancement is…

The past has shown us systems that could have been called “progressive” for their time, by implementing and thus introducing for the first time a new technology to the console gaming empire.

History has shown us some major advancements that have changed the face of gaming forever.

  1. In 1989 Nintendo releases the Game Boy, starting a chain of handheld systems that have dominated that market ever since.
  2. The early 90’s saw many systems upgrading to CD-rom based media drives.
  3. Sega Dreamcast’s, released in 1999, saw the first console to have a modem and internet access.
  4. Shortly after, Sony released the PS2, the first video game console to be able to play DVD’s
  5. While not 100% innovative, Microsoft releases the Xbox, and shortly after in 2002 introduces Xbox LIVE, the most popular and most successful internet gaming venue to date.
  6. Nintendo’s Wii was marked by innovation, employing an all motion approach, and dissenting away from the graphics push by its competitors, a move that pays off for the at the time, wavering company.
  7. Sony’s PS3 was the first console to have HDMI output, and the first console to use Blu-ray Discs.

So what next? What will be the next major advancement? 3D gaming? All downloadable game libraries? You tell me!

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  1. Dan says:

    3D gaming is definitely the future and don’t be surprised to see holographic projection sometime in the next decade making what was once science fiction a reality. Augmented Reality is also another concept that has existed for a while but has not been fully implemented. I would like to see games react more to human response and emotion. Imagine playing as a character in a game where you input the voice for the character (through speech or text) and various scenarios unfold onscreen as a result? This can’t work with every game, but could certainly provide a niche.

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