Posted by Andy on November 10, 2009

New Resident Evil 5 alternative content coming!

re5What’s the matter are you bored killing zombies and stopping Wesker’s latest plot? Well don’t sell the disc just yet because there’s good news in store for you. Remember a little while ago Capcom conducted a poll seeing if we wanted additional content being offered in the alternative edition either boxed with the game or as DLC, turns out that wasn’t just for fun. After hearing a lot of people say that they wanted to play as Jill Valentine Capcom wanted to do something to help Gamers. After speaking to the RE5 team in Osaka Capcom has announced that the new content will come to the U.S, Europe, and Australia as DLC.

First presented at Sony’s press conference during the Tokyo gameshow the downloadable content will feature a new Jill episode featuring Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield infiltrating the mansion of Umbrella Corp founder Ozwell .E Spencer. All of these events take place 3 years before the happenings of R.E 5. Another new feature of this new content is having a motion sensing feature for the PS3 controller added. There may still be other content available as well as this. The downloadable content will should be available worldwide spring of 2010 so until then keep resisting the virus and blow off some zombies heads.

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