Posted by Dan on November 10, 2009

Greeting PSP, Classic Gaming, and A/V Geeks!

I’m the new guy on the block, but by no means new to gaming, peripherals, or finding new ways to make use of your PSP and A/V equipment, especially while doing so, and integrating older Macintosh Computers into your digital lifestyle. Why a Mac and why pair it with a PSP, instead of an iPod, or why pair a PSP with an old Mac instead of a PS3? Simple - Macs are easy to use, and there are actually many purposes for budget Macs, along with a PSP to make your music library, videos, classic games, and more easy to manage and use at home or on the go. The PSP can provide you just as much, if not more than an iPod in a sleek widescreen with expandable memory.

Why the focus on these areas? The PSP is often overlooked as the ultimate device for portable gaming, and multimedia versatility. With that in mind, look forward to PSP game reviews, PSP peripheral reviews, and Mac OS X software that works well in both PowerPC Macs and Intel Macs. Apple Computers and Mac OS X can truly give you an ultimate A/V editing tool (very useful for format conversions and more), and it can be done quite cheaply and efficiently too with the right setup!

My current equipment includes a 22″ 1680×1050 HD monitor, a 26″ CRT 1080i HDTV, a 15″ PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz hi-res, an eMac G4 1.42 GHz, an iMac G3 600 MHz, and a PowerBook G3 “Pismo” 400 MHz, all of which I have acquired over the last 8 years. I can show you how to use Macintosh computers just like these with new or old tech on the tight budget of today’s gamer, with software and peripherals that just make sense for everyday use and entertainment. I promise that you will not be disappointed in the results you can obtain with these solutions.

Get ready for many enjoyable experiences through the insight I will provide you by using slightly dated, but far from useless equipment. You might save a buck or two and be amazed with the results!

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