Posted by Jeffrey on October 2, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Give Away

mw2monsterThough the game hasn’t been released, Activision is kicking off their viral marketing campaign with specially marked boxes of Modern Warfare 2-themed Monster energy drinks.

Activision is keeping tight lipped with the details, however the box appears to be advertising a contest of sorts, in which purchasers will get a chance to will a prize. The prizes include a chance to win one of one-hundred Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 games for PlayStation 3 (or Xbox 360), 5,000 Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack codes “planned for release in spring 2010,” 10,000 PS3 (or Xbox 360) Modern Warfare 2themes, and free cans of Monster.

Though this isn’t the first viral campaign we’ve seen from the video game market it’s certainly one that will catch the eye of those hardcore gamers that need that extra boost to get them to the next check-point.

Modern Warfare 2, due in North America and Europe November 10.

Check It Out:

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