Posted by Jeffrey on October 1, 2009

Trophy List: Age of Booty

Age of Booty (10)


This trophy list brings up 10 trophies including:
7 bronze, 1 silver,  and 2 gold trophies!

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Cartographer: Create and save a custom map.
Bombs Away: Destroy a neutral or enemy town’s defense with a bomb.
Flushed Away: Use a whirlpool curse to teleport an enemy that is attacking your town.
Cherry Picker: Capture a neutral town after the enemy has destroyed its defenses.
Boom Boom: Sink two enemy ships with a single bomb.
On the Account: Beat all medium challenges.
Sea Legs: Win 5 public games online.


Freebooter: Beat all hard challenges.


King’s Pardon: Beat every challenge in the game.
Old Salt: Win 50 public games online.

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