Posted by Mike on September 25, 2009

Trophy List: Uno!

Uno! (15)


This trophy list brings up 15 trophies including: 13 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 gold trophy!

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Bronze Trophies

10 times Wild Draw Four: When you use the Wild Draw Four Card 10 times in tournament.
2 times Wild card in a game:
When you use the Wild Card 2 times in a round in tournament.
Win 10 matches:
When you win a total of 10 matches in tournament.
Challenge UNO:
When you successfully catch someone forgetting to call UNO in tournament.
First UNO:
When you first call UNO in tournament.
First win:
When you win a round for the first time in tournament.
Challenge Wild Draw Four:
When you successfully challenge an illegal use of a Wild Draw Four Card in tournament.
Finish 10 games:
When you complete 10 rounds (win or lose) in tournament.
5,000 points!:
When you reach 5,000 points in Tournament play.
Play online:
First time you play a round online.
Invite your friend:
First time you invite your friend to play with you.
Win 10 games online:
Win 10 online UNO rounds.
Play 50 games online:
Play 50 online UNO rounds.


Silver Trophies

Win game without drawing cards: When you win a round without drawing any cards in tournament.


Gold Trophies

Top 50 in the world: Check the leaderboard when in the TOP 50.

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