Posted by Mike on September 23, 2009

Japan Playstation Store Update (TGS Edition) - September 24th


Huge week for the Japan Store. Tekken 5 is on sale with a Winning Eleven 2010 demo as well. There are also a ton of PSP release for the 3rd straight week, just insane how many they have compared to the other PSN stores. Then to round it off, there are a ton of Tokyo Game Show videos released including Final Fantaxy XIV. Enjoy!


Tekken 5 - ¥2000
LocoRoco 2 (PSP) - ¥3000
LocoRoco Cocoreccho - ¥500


Echoshift (PSP) - 139 MB
Winning Eleven 2010 - 885 MB
Lost Planet 2 - 492 MB


Play x Catalogue (PSP) - Free


Uno - ¥1000

1 on 1(¥600)
Epica Stella(¥600)
Final Fantasy 8 (¥1500)
Nihon Pro Maajan Renmei Kounin Doujou Yaburi(¥600)
PMS Vol 3. Rubbish Blazon(¥600)
Theme Park(¥600)
Theme Park Aquarium(¥600)

Ape Escape Academy PSP the Best (¥2200)
Ape Escape Academy 2 PSP the Best (¥2200)
Ape Escape Racing PSP the Best (¥2200)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (¥2800)
Guilty Gear: Judgment (¥2000)
Hot Shots Golf Portable PSP the Best (¥2200)
LocoRoco PSP the Best (¥2200)
Nippon no Asoko de (¥2800)
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Shouseiroku (¥1200)
Patapon PSP the Best (¥2200)
R-Type Tactics (¥2800)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 5 (¥1200)
WipEout Pure (¥3800)
Work Time Fun PSP the Best (¥2200)
Yaru Dora Portable: Double Cast (¥2800)
Yaru Dora Portable: Kisetsu wo Dakishimete (¥2800)
Yaru Dora Portable: Yukiwari no Hana (¥2800)

Downloadable Content

Tales of Vesperia
Even More DLC


Dragonball Raging Blast
Promotional Video

Lost Planet 2
TGS Trailer

PS3 TGS Trailers
Vol 1 (Uncharted 2, End of Eternity, Castlevania LoS, Quantum Theory, MW2)
Vol 2 (Musou Multi-Raid Special, Star Ocean, Basara 3, Tekken 6, DBZ)
Vol 3 (Troy Musou, NieR Replicant, NG?2, Trico)
Vol 4 (Trico, FF14, Fifa 10, Front Mission, Ratchet&Clank 2, Lost Planet 2)
Vol 5 (Angel Senki, Gravity Crash, Hustle Kings, PixelJunk Shooter, Fat Princess)
Vol 6 (AssCred 2, inFamous, GoW3, Heavy Rain)

PSP TGS Trailers
Vol 1 (Undead Knights, J League baseball, Echoshift)
Vol 2 (Jak&daxter, Musou 5, Valkryia 2, SOCOM, Darius Burst)
Vol 3 (.hack//Link, Naruto, PS:P2, Person 3)
Vol 4 (Minna no Sukkiri, Minna no Tennis, Motor Storm, Badman 3D, Last Ranker, LBP)
Vol 5 (Crystal Defenders, Disgaea Infinite, Thexder Neo, LocoRoco)

Tekken 6
TGS Trailer

Themes and Wallpapers

Noby Noby Boy
Katamari x Nobynoby theme

Check It Out:

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