Posted by Mike on September 18, 2009

Trophy List: Switchball

Switchball (12)


This trophy list brings up 12 trophies including: 7 bronze, 4 silver, and 1 gold trophy!

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Bronze Trophies

Marbleball Badge: Complete Sky World level 3
Metalball Badge: Complete Ice World
Powerball Badge: Complete Cave World
Speedroller Rookie: Collect 1 silver medal
Speedroller Trainee: Collect 12 silver medals
Speedball Medal: Win 5 matched multiplayer races
Spyglass: Find 3 hidden paths


Silver Trophies

Airball Badge: Complete Lava World
Speedroller Expert: Collect 24 silver medals
Friendball Medal: Complete all cooperative levels
Honor Medal: Win 10 matched multiplayer races


Gold Trophies

Speedroller Master: Collect a Gold Medal on All levels

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