Posted by Mike on September 18, 2009

Hong Kong Playstation Store Update - September 17th


After the Japan update this week, nothing was going to compete, but the Hong Kong store brought a little big of everything. A Batman demo, Outrun Online, and Smash Cars are your big boys for the week, and tons and tons of Tales of Vesperia DLC.


Batman: Arkham Asylum ( English Ver. )
1038 MB

NBA Live 10 ( English Ver. )
800 MB


OutRun Online Arcade ( English Ver. )
HK$ 82.00

Smash Cars ( English Ver. )
HK$ 118.00


Batman: Arkham Asylum ( English Ver. )
Play as Joker Challenge Map

Dynasty Warriors Multi-Raid ( PSP | Chinese Ver. )
Add-on Content Ver. 22

Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 ( Japanese Ver. )
FA-78-3 Full Armor 7th Gundam (HK$ 22.00)
RX-81AS Assault Armor (HK$ 22.00)

Tales of Vesperia ( Japanese Ver. )
Lots of DLC


Batman: Arkham Asylum
Play As the Joker Promotional Video

End of Eternity
Debut Promotional Video
tAB Promotional Video

Tales of Vesperia
Promotional Video 3


PS3 Theme
Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman Theme

Check It Out:

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