Posted by Mike on September 12, 2009

Uncharted 2 is Gold, Huge Multiplayer Demo!

uncharted2full0721As reported on the Playstation Blog, Uncharted 2 has officially gone gold! Now if you remember the pre-order deals we covered before, then you remember the multiplayer demo for gamestop preorders, and everyone else gets it two weeks later. Well it seems that demo is going to be enormous! Naughty Dog is giving us a 1.5gb demo including: four maps, four competitive modes, two co-op modes, the much-hyped cinema mode, the ability to create custom games, access to new skins, about 80 percent of the boosters from the final game, and much much more. The four maps are the Plaza, Village, Ice Cave and Temple. While for game modes we are getting Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Elimination, and Chain Reaction. This is one epic demo, so I recommend throwing five bucks down on uncharted 2 at gamestop, then going back the next taking your pre-order off and going to Best Buy to get the gold guns, but that’s just me. See on the demo!

Check It Out:

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