Posted by Mike on September 7, 2009

Confirmed: Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Revealed For Japan

ffxiireleasedateSome sly users at found a flash file on Japan’s youtube advert about Final Fantasy XIII. This advert when played with shows the Release Date for Japan, by just adding after instead of the before in the url of the flash file. Is this finally the release date? Project Gamers really hopes so, because then that would leave us to believe that FFXIII would be releasing in the United States by sometime in summer, the perfect time to sit down and enjoy a Final Fantasy game. The advert is show below by a screenshot off my computer.


Check It Out:

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  1. Horhay says:

    I read that this morning, so it seems like we may be moving towards the release dates. This is good news, if indeed is true, since the US release usually follows a couple of months later.

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