Posted by Mike on September 2, 2009

PS3 Exclusive Batman Arkham Asylum Batcave Outpost DLC


Just a quick update here for all you Batman fans, as stated awhile ago Batman: Arkham Asylum is out and the PS3 version include exclusive DLC items including The Joker Challenge Rooms. But on top of that, just by buying Batman: Arkham Asylum you will unlock the Batman Outpost in Home. Now this was posted on the EU blog so I can’t verify for the US, as I don’t own the game, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick it up soon, because I only hear rave reviews from the guys here at Project Gamers so far. To Unlock the Batman Outpost, all you have to do is turn on the game once. The Batman Outpost is like a new Home Apartment and you can spruce it up while also viewing all of Batman’s cool objects. Watch the launch trailer below to see what it looks like, and go pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum while you are at it.

Check It Out:

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