Posted by Mike on September 1, 2009

Rock Band Network Coming Soon

500x_custom_1251395232043_reaper_screen_shotLaunching on the Xbox 360 in November and coming later to the PlayStation 3, the Rock Band Network will allow anyone with about $160 to spend and decent music and computer skills with the ability to turn a recorded piece of music into a Rock Band song available to anyone. Harmonix is finally giving their fans a piece of the cake. Once a song is on the Rock Band Network store, gamers will be able to download and play a demo version of the song, which will last a minute or 35% of the way into a song, whichever comes first. A release of the Rock Band Network Store is also planned for the PlayStation 3, though Harmonix has no date specified. As the PS3 lacks the XNA Creators Club, however a subset of the songs available to 360 owners will be available to PS3 users. Please visit if you would like more information.

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