Posted by Mike on August 31, 2009

New Modern Warfare Patch 1.4 Released Today

call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-bo-1Today Infinity Ward Released Patch 1.4 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare today to fix all the glitches that were happening a month or so back..

Update: IW also snuck in a fix for Rapid Fire Mods! YEAH!

Full press release below:

Today SCEA released patch 1.40 to North America, this patch was sent to Sony and addresses all know glitches that where temporaly fixed by the playlist update.

The patch is available to North American users when you load up call of duty 4, upon start up it will inform you that patch 1.40 is avaiable to download.

Click ok and it will down load and install in your COD4 main data file.

*Bare in mind that EU users do not have the patch, so will be unable to connect to US/Canadain users*

Check It Out:

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