Posted by Jose on August 30, 2009

PS3’s Motion Controller Creative Background

E3 2009 PS33 Motion Controller Richard MarksRichard Marks (SCEA R&D Manager, Special Projects-PlayStation) explains to us the creative background and future R&D (Research & Development) Group have in the PS3 Motion Controller in an interview with PlayStation Blog.

In the video below, you’ll see Richard Marks & Anton Mikhailov show off prototypes & game modes they use to work with the PS3 Motion Controller project. They explain about the hardware looks, and on how this controller will work with us in the future of gaming on the PS3.

The Ps3 Motion Controller hardware has no exact release date, and still no name. But according to Kaz Hirai (SCE Chief), they have hopes for a spring 2010 release next year.

Check It Out:

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  1. Jose says:

    I really hope they pull this off right!

  2. [...] the different software/applications this new tech could be used for, which is different from what Richard Marks talked about last week with the use of the PS3 eye and how the actual controller works. Play Video Post a Comment [...]

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