Posted by Tim on August 18, 2009

Sony’s 2009 Gamescom Convention

Check out earlier posts about Gamescom for details. Below is a list of what is announced by Sony at Gamescom as they come via the PlayStation blog.(Note, only the most important news will be posted here, as seen fit by myself).

  • House has just announced Firmware 3.0 — animated themes, a What’s New section and some other great interface changes.
  • There will also be direct links to various TV services on the XMB — for example, iPlayer in the UK (for those interested, the battery meter has been moved in Firmware 3.0)
  • PSN cards are also coming! We see 50 euro and 20 euro versions. They’ll be available in September
  • Now we’re seeing a trailer for the Video Download Service — also available later this year. It’ll be for both PS3 and PSP and will begin with just films, but will expand out to include local content. Rent and buy films in either SD or HD. Coming to the UK, France, Germany and Spain in November, expanding to further territories throughout 2010
  • Digital Comics will be available — hundreds at launch. “Biggest names in the comics world (including Marvel” Graphic Novels, Indie comics and local comics too: Spider Man, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Tho. “More publishers to be announced soon…”
  • Loco Roco Midnight Carnival and Eye of Judgement PSP are playable here on the show floor.
  • We’re announcing Minis. Smaller games, taking advantage of the smaller development cost on the PSP. These will be exclusive to the PSN Store and will have a 100MB size limit.
  • 15 new games available at launch on 1st October. 50 titles coming in 2009. Tetris and Fieldrunners, are two examples. Also spotted Hero of Sparta and MiniGore.
  • the PSP 3000 is getting some new colours — Turquoise Green, Lilac Purple (bundled with Hannah Montana!) and Blossom Pink.
  • To celebrate the launch of PSP Go, people who register their Gos between the 1st and the 10th of October will get a free digital copy of GT PSP.
  • EyePet will be retailing for just under 50 euros and will be bundled with the PlayStation Eye.
  • New Uncharted 2 trailer??? From Jem Alexander “You guys are going to love this trailer.”
  • New Heavy Rain character introduced; trailer shown; “Heavy Rain is not based on repetitive patterns and violence — hoping for it to be a milestone in this new industry direction.”
  • Motion Controllers will be fully shown at TGS later this year. Until then, a “developer’s update” to whet our appetite. There are some great examples of upcoming motion controller content being shown off. Everything from party games, to adventure games, to toys
  • NEW PS3 SLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be available for 299 euros, 299 dollars and 29,980 yen, also price drop announced on all current PS3’s active immediately.


Check out the video of Jack Tretton talking about the PS3 Slim.

Check It Out:

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