Posted by Tim on August 17, 2009

“And here, we…GO!”; Gamescom 2009

heathledgerjoker2Even without the Health Ledger reference, there’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming Gamescom 2009 convention. One of the most exciting things is that IT STARTS THIS WEEK!!!!! And what better way to kick things off then to have EA and Sony give their presentations tomorrow morning, US time. That’s right, folks in the west make sure you wake up early to catch the beginnings of EA’s conference, slated to start at 7:30 PDT (10:30 EDT). Following EA’s conference is Sony, scheduled to start at 9:30 PDT (12:30 EDT).

There is much hype surrounding Sony’s conference, as rumors about the much-talked about PS3 Slim are more widespread than over weight people at Disney World. And now, we are only hours away from finding out if the rumors are true, and a brand new, sleaker and sexier PS3 is headed our ways.

I absolutely love gaming conferences, and this one is sure to be great. Stay tuned to ProjectGamers for the latest on Gamescom 2009. Or if you are bummed that you can’t be there in Cologne, Germany to watch it live, the next best thing is to watch a live broadcast found at Eurogamer.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, there is no live video coverage, as perviously mentioned. However, the video feed will be posted in Home shortly after the conference is finished. Hope on Home later today to see it yourself.

Otherwise, keep hitting refresh here, as I will be making a new post, listing all the announcements as they are brought via text message updates. Stay thirsty my friends!

Check It Out:

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