Posted by Mike on August 16, 2009

GameStop Strikes Back At Best Buy

gamestopSo the other day Project Gamers brought you news that Best Buy was going to start price matching Gamestop in a small district, in and around Utah. Well a couple of day ago, one Gamestop that is close to the Best Buy received new flyers that lowered the price of a couple brand new games to pretty cheap prices, to counter the attack from Best Buy. Now many think this will stop Best Buy from ever achieving the getting new games at used prices, as then Best Buy would be losing money on each transaction, but I believe they really wouldn’t care as you would probably get something else while your there, since they are a big electronics store that would more than make up for the lost profit on the game. Even if you never bought anything else and lost profit of the game, Best Buy wouldn’t care because they are still getting your business and in the long more than likely running Gamestop out of the picture. I would love to never see a Gamestop on the corner anymore, and all the developers getting their money that they deserve for their hard work on each and every game. What do you think? Pictures are below.


Check It Out:

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