Posted by Tim on August 14, 2009

New Games In Route for Gamescom?

In a recent podcast released by IGN, Greg Miller mentions that he went on a “secret Sony Mission,” where he says, “games are coming for systems.” While insanely vague, and completely ambiguous, brace yourself for some new games to be unveiled at the European convention. There is no doubt that a large majority of the hype is surrounding the rumored release of the PS3 slim, but that cat is way out of the bag. Consider this as a rumor for now, but perhaps there will be a few surprises for gaming fans come August 18th. Below is a summary of the podcast.

From IGN’s Podcast Beyond Episode 102:

20:26 Greg Miller: I went on a secret Sony mission yesterday; I saw a bunch of their games. There’s a lot of stuff going on.

28:53 Chris Roper: I think we’ve exhausted all the rumors. Is there anything else that we’ve missed?
28:56 Greg Miller: I know things. I can’t say things.
28:58 Chris Roper: You know things?
29:59 Ryan Clements: Interesting.
29:01 Chris Roper: Games are coming for systems. That’s what we know.
29:06 Greg Miller: New announcements coming. At least one.

Check It Out:

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