Posted by Tim on August 7, 2009

Rumor: Best Buy to Start Matching Gamestop’s Used Game Prices for New Games

bbpricematchFirst of all, thanks in advance for contratulating me on making the longest title for an article on this site yet. I appreciate the thought!

Now, according to a picture snapped by a user on Cheap Ass Gamer, Best Buy (at least the one he was at in Utah) is allegedly starting to price match the used prices from Gamestop or Gamecrazy on new games in the store. You can stop slapping yourself right now, this is not a dream, that last sentence is true. At least according to the picture.

This is apparantely an attempt to drive out the competition, giving gamers no reason to not buy games at the media store giant. There is no specification on what restrictions apply, but this will most likely have some heavy restrictions, as Gamestop often puts select used games at very low prices ($20-$30).

And as of right now, chalk this one up as a rumor, as there has been no confirmation from Best Buy or it’s website. However, at the least this is a store to store promotion, one that may or my not be standing. Perhaps BB is simply seeing if game sales go up during the promotion. So watch out at your local Best Buy and see if they are also running this promotion. It would be a great opportunity to save a little green by cashing in on this historical offer.

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