Posted by Mike on August 4, 2009

New Patent for Graphics Synthesizer from PS2 on PS3

So, just over a month ago Sony patented how to run the Emotion Engine on a PS3 using the Cell. Well today word from gigazine and the patent board, is that Sony has accomplished running the Graphics Synthesizer from the PS2 on the PS3’s cell. This was my major complaint about PS2 compatibility coming to the PS3 via software emulation, and now is a reality. With both of these patents out, it is only a matter of time before Backwards Compatibility returns to the Playstation 3 once again. Below are the pictures from the patent displaying how Sony has achieved this amazing feat.

Before the pictures though, this coinciding with the uproar in PS3 slim rumors and information coming in leads me to believe Sony maybe trying to reset the Playstation 3 brand with a new PS3 slim with BC at GamesCom… August 18th cannot come soon enough.

This PS2 system configuration diagram


The CPU is the PS2 “Emotion Engine”


PS2 graphics processor “Graphics Synthesizer” Overview


And PS3 system configuration diagram


PS3’s CPU is the “Cell processor” Overview. Now a general-purpose processor core “PowerPC Processor Element (PPE)” and eight “Synergistic Processor Element (SPE)” that are being processed using a single SPE is assigned to the OS for the six SPE are actually processed. In the remaining one is used as a backup in case problems arose.


This graphics unit “RSX”


And that PS2 emulation to the processor (in this case the PS3 Cell processors) give a rough figure the logic of the interaction. This means that the Cell on the PS2 “Emotion Engine” and “Graphics Synthesizer” working on the emulation of the graphics image data unit of the PS3 “RSX” are like the mechanism for transfer.


The patent application itself, by the way is February 19, 2007 because, in fact in the PS2 or the PS3 will be implemented whenever the ability to run the software do not know, will really Why make a story? I realize that is compatible with the expected long time, I’m happy to hear that even if users realize.

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