Posted by Mike on August 3, 2009

The Agency is in Trouble

agency1Project Gamers has received word that many senior staff members have left Sony Online Entertainment’s Seattle Studio, or the current developers of The Agency. It seems as though the studio director and executive producer Matt Wilson, art director Corey Dangel, and producer John Smith left to form a new studio called Detonator Games. This all went down in early July and is confirmed on the Detonator website.

So what now for The Agency. Will it be canned, or is it going to be sent back and reworked on? But according to Sony its not, “The Agency is not undergoing a reboot of any sorts - that is incorrect. The team in Seattle is still working diligently on this project and we’re looking forward to showing you new content in the future”.

Hmmm sounds fishy…

Check It Out:

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