Posted by Tim on July 29, 2009

SOCOM Confrontation: Bigger Than You Think

socom-confrontation-1588If you had to guess which online game has the biggest online user-base of the three games, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, or SOCOM Confrontation, which would you choose? Well in case you weren’t savvy enough to deduce the correct answer from the above title, unless you guessed SOCOM, you guessed SOWRONG! All this according to Mark Rogers, senior producer of SCEA, who announces that SOCOM has the most simultaneous online connections, and who attributes this acheivement to the community’s devotion to the online only shooter.

If that wasn’t good enough news for SOCOM devotee’s, Rogers also announces that the highly anticipated 1.6 patch, which includes four new weapons and a two new special forces to play as, will be released in the near future. So give yourself a big pat on the back SOCOM players, becuase your persistence and commitment has raised SOCOM to the highest echelon of online PS3 gaming. Now that’s dedication, holmes!

Check It Out:

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2 Responses to “SOCOM Confrontation: Bigger Than You Think”

  1. John says:

    Wow, good shit, didnt know … I need to get back on this! And I mean more than Tuesday heh.

  2. Jose says:

    I was SOSURE it would be K2, guess I was SOWRONG!!!

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