Posted by Jose on July 24, 2009

New Uncharted 2 Co-Op Mode Unveiled

uncharted2full0721Gold Rush is the Name, Rushing Gold is the Game!”

Demonstrated in Comic-Con 09 at the Uncharted 2 panel, Naughty Dog’s Senior Manager of Marketing Communications Arne Meyer unveiled a newly announced cooperative multiplayer mode. Titled Gold Rush, the objective of this mode is to work together as a team to retrieve the treasure and return it back to your treasure chest while eliminating all enemies in the map by the end of the round. Released date was stated again for October 13th in the United States, and remember reservations are available now with bonus gifts.

Naughty Dog’s Creative Director Amy Hennig also spoke, “I hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but there should be a second phase of the beta.” If so, all I can say is, “Count me in!”

Check It Out:

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