Posted by Jose on July 22, 2009

Uncharted 2 Pre-order Items, Release Date, and Box Art Revealed

uncharted2full0721With Sony confirming a release date for Naughty Dog’s current most anticipated title dated for October 13th, they also released the final box art for Uncharted 2 (shown below) along with their retail plans. Depending on where you choose to pre-order Uncharted 2, you will be able to obtain exclusive downloadable content prior to or upon release. The list below lists the retailers along with the exclusive content you would get if you chose to pre-order there.

* Best Buy - Golden AK-47 & Barettas - Flashy cosmetic weapon makeovers for your multiplayer action.


* - Treasure Map - Allows you the player to discover hidden treasures throughout the story.

* Game Crazy - Currency Multiplier - Allows you the player to gain in-game currency and unlock bonuses faster than your opponents for a limited time period.

* GameStop - Revenge Attribute & Multiplayer Demo - Revenge Attribute allows you the player to unlock the Revenge booster as soon as you begin your multiplayer campaign. (Revenge Attribute is one of the last boosters unlocked in the multiplayer campaign.) Multiplayer Demo will run from September 9th to September 29th. (That’s a two week headstart from the public demo beginning September 30th and ending on Uncharted 2 release date.)

Downloadable Content will be available to those who pre-order until December 31st, 2009.


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3 Responses to “Uncharted 2 Pre-order Items, Release Date, and Box Art Revealed”

  1. Jose says:

    Very nice, I’m going with Gamestop and/or Game Crazy

  2. DaMexiRican says:

    I’m getting it from BestBuy

  3. Jose says:

    Oh yeah, you might distract me I guess

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