Posted by John on July 20, 2009

Hate For Certain Developers?

Gamers … Hating … NO WAY!

Yes, believe it or not gamers hate. I must admit, we do it quite often dont we?  We’re probably the biggest critics to the products we indulge in more than any other on the face of this planet.

“This game’s awesome, that game sux!”  “This game isn’t worth the plastic that was used to make the case!” “COD4 is the greatest game ever!  Anything else can eat its ass!”

And please, don’t get me started about how we treat each other?

“You just got pwned!”  “You totally suck balls!”  “Insert shit talking phrase here!”

It’s all been said, its all been done, everything has been bashed!  The only standard has been that their is no standard.  I really dont think their has been any limits or barriers that haven’t been breached!  We’ve heard it all over our mics!  From screaming obscenities, yelling profanity, racist comments, sex comments, rock music, rap music, snap music, crap music, eating, beating, slobbering, singing, drinking, drunks, punks, stoners, moaners, pissing, shitting, farting, and even down right fu#king!

I know what your asking, where the hell am I going with this?  Well its quite simple actually.  When you come from a community or industry that has all this bottled inside of it its liable to spill out onto the games developers am I wrong?  If the sequel isnt as good as the first one that you so loved or cherished so much and spent countless hours into the day/night playing then its bound to happen.  Most gamers are internet savvy, and their going to express their love or lack there of if they feel their cherished franchise has been wronged.

But is it really the developers fault? In the long run, how you feel towards a game is strictly opinion.  Someone out there likes that game. Believe it or not, even the worst ones ever made!

Now that I’ve gotten all that rubbish out of the way.  Let me bring myself to the main point.  When do the hate trends on certain developers stop?  That’s really what I’m wondering. Dont act like you dont know what I’m talking about either!

Lets throw it all out on the line.

The overall consensus is that many people hate Treyarch.  Its the “In” thing to do.  Let’s all bash and hate on Treyarch because COD3 sucked.  So did W@W … or did it?  The answer is NO!  The game doesnt suck!  I’m not a Treyarch fan boy, and I typically do enjoy Infinity Ward versions more but Call of Duty: World at War didnt suck and I’m frankly tired of hearing the fanboys rip it like its the worst game ever.

I’m writing this in a plea for gamers to move onto hating the next thing.  Whatever that may be. Have some class, be creative, and pick on something else!  Haha.  I admit, for some reason for me W@W just lacks something that kept me as addicted to Modern Warfare but I think that is basically what the case was.  The fact that COD4 was “Modern Warfare”.  I also think it took a bit too long to rank up to actually unlock some more “fun” automatic weapons in W@W as opposed to COD4 where damn near immediately you had the M4 on top of the MP5.

Gamers should be thanking the gaming gods to even be getting a “Call of Duty” on a per year basis. The game was built on the same engine for crying out loud, the controls were just as fluid.  Throw in some modern guns and the COD4 maps and you got the same damn thing.  So if you dont like the game because you have weapon or map preferances so be it.  You’d rather call in the chopper than the dogs, understandable.  But to go all out and bash the developer left and right like I see on countless forums is beyond me.

A true gamer and Call of Duty fan will respect the franchise in a whole!  For any of those who have played the Zombie maps (All 3) will know what these developers are capable of.

So lets stop the trend on hating on certain developers like its the cool thing to do!

I’m not a die hard W@W player.  I barely even made it to my first prestige, but I’m smart enough to know quality from crap and make my own judgements on games without caring whats the cool thing to say.  With that being said, what’s the new trend someone is going start today?  What’s the new thing to hate on?

Who’s going to be the creative one?

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2 Responses to “Hate For Certain Developers?”

  1. Matt says:

    I hate Pepsi, does that count? Good points John. W@W was not bad at all.

  2. Horhay says:

    I really can’t find anyone else to hate now a days lol I’ll pick COD 1, 2 and 4 any day of the week over 3 and W@W. If it didn’t cost me over 64 I would of given it away lol sorry just. Oh btw I hate NBA Live too lol

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