Posted by John on July 19, 2009

Red Faction Guerrilla DLC Video!!!

RFG Announced at the end of last month of DLC coming to Xbox Live and PSN on August 13th for $9.99.  However, I didnt know we would be in for such a treat!  Its a whole new arc, new weapons and playing as a different familiar character!  Taking place 3 years prior to the story you have already played in the campaign mode this looks to be shaping up as a whole nother game damn near in itself!!!  Trophies and Achievements have been confirmed!  No details of what and how many yet though.  ProjectGamers will keep you posted!

Check It Out:

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2 Responses to “Red Faction Guerrilla DLC Video!!!”

  1. JGUN says:

    Love it, want it.

  2. Miguel says:

    Dam! That video looks awesome! Can’t wait till it’s released. Maybe they’ll add new maps to MP too?

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