Posted by Tim on July 17, 2009

Bayonetta Gets Blasted into 2010

bayonettagirlOne of the worst things to happen to a gamer anxiously waiting for a game to be released is for the developer to ask them to wait longer.  Unfortunately, SEGA does just that as they announce that Bayonetta will not be released in the US until January 2010. However, Japan will still see the game this year, as the game releases October 29th there.

An announcement made by Mark Hayes, president and COO of SEGA West, explains the reasoning behind the delay. “Bayonetta is an extremely important new IP for SEGA and adds a new level of depth to our growing portfolio. As a result of market analysis we have taken a Publishing decision that January 2010 is the optimum release time in the Western Markets to maximize this exciting new title’s potential.”

Perhaps SEGA is taking to heart the sales result of their recent PS3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles, which received very high reviews but did not perform well in stores. Valkyria Chronicles was released during the 2008 holiday season.

Suffice to say, those eagerly waiting to play this high octane action game will have to wait a little bit longer than first anticipated. However, patience is a virture for gamers, and from what we’ve seen out of Bayonetta thus far, the wait may be well worth it come January.

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