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UFC Undisputed Review

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UFC Undisputed 2009
Developer: THQ
Review Copy: PS3 Version
Reviewer: Miguel


Whether your a fan of UFC or not, this is a game that is easy to get into and like. Me personally, I watch the highlights after the big fights and barely know any of the fighters. So onto the game….In the main menu you’ve got a couple of options. Options, of course, where you can change the difficulty and the usual. You’ve got exhibition for one on one fights versus the CPU or a friend. Historic fights, which you can relive the big fights against great fighters. Career mode, which I’ll get into. Create a fighter, and online.


Game Modes:
Create a fighter will allow you to create a fighter, transfer him to your career mode, and at the end of your career use him online to fight.


Now onto Career mode. Again, you can use your created fighter, or create a new one from scratch. You’ve got a lot of options as far as how you want your fighter to look and choose what height/weight class you want them to be in. Then you choose which fighting style you want to use for boxing and for your ground/grapple game. Each different fighting style has different moves/combos. This becomes fun when you do your career more than once and try out different styles. Then you go on to spread your points between strength, speed, and cardio. Then you’ve got to spread points between all aspects of fighting. Punching/kicking offense and defense. Grappling, submission, takedown offense/defense etc. Once all of this is done, your ready to start your career. Your first fight is basically to see if you can get into the UFC. First opponent shouldn’t be hard. Once you beat him your welcomed to UFC and choose your next opponent.

In Career mode, you have a lot of options and choices of what you want to do. You’ll receive emails that will invite you to attend autograph signings for “Sponsor” credit and other events. You’ll also receive training camp invites. These you want to do to get your skills up and unlock more moves for your fighter. You’ll have the option of working on your ground game or striking moves. So as you move up in your career, different items get unlocked and upgrades to certain items. I’ll leave that for you when you get them in the game.  I don’t want to spoil everything for you!  The sponsor credit unlocks just logos from sponsors basically. So it’s your choice if you want to do these extra events or not. Keep the dates in mind because you don’t want to over book yourself before your next fight. On the calendar, it will tell you how many weeks you got left until your fight. You can choose do to training on either strength, speed, or cardio. You then choose the intensity, light, medium, strong. Obviously, the harder you train, the more tired you get and the more points you acquire. Beside training, you also have sparring, rest, and event. Sparring is what it says. You spar against a partner and the points you earn you can use to upgrade your individual stats (striking, grappling, takedown) Rest is, obviously rest to get your stamina back up. And of course event is what you have going for that week. (fight, sponsor event, etc.) The rest of career mode, you’ll see how it unfolds as you play along. That’s the basics of it.

As for online, you can do player match or ranked match. Player match is where you set up the rules and such and invite a friend directly to play against you. Your wins/losses here will not count against you. Going to ranked match, you play against whomever the game will find based on the criteria you choose. These wins/losses will count against you.


Overall, this is a great fighting game, regardless of how much knowledge you have of UFC. The graphics are good. It is a fighting game, so of course this isn’t a whole lot of detail all on screen at once, so it’s not hard to have bad graphics. The different fighting combos and styles keep the game interesting/fresh. You can win by decision, KO, and of course submission. One of the better things about this game is how unpredictable it is. Just because your stamina is high, doesn’t mean you can’t get KO’ed. Miss a punch or kick and leave yourself open to the opponent, and he can hit you in the right sweet spot. The games audio soundtrack is really good. The music goes just right along with it and gets you into the mood. There aren’t many cons I have with the game. Autosave is one of them. It does it after every change that happens. So sometimes if your a bit impatient it may get annoying. Also, online play is laggy at times. Not every time, but it happens occasionally. One thing I would suggest is don’t bother against 60+ level ranked fighters. In my experience, all of these guys that I have faced have been using a turbo controller. So when they have an advantage on top of you they can pound away or submit with ease.  That pretty much sums up the game.

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