Posted by Mike on July 6, 2009

Atlus’s Demon’s Souls Receiving Special Edition

On July 4th Atlus revealed their release date of Demon’s Souls. Why they did it on that momentous day I don’t know, but boy does that Special Edition look amazing.

Press Release from Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus:

“Atlus Spoils is all about giving back to our fans and thanking them for their support, and we’re excited to be able to do something very special for Demon’s Souls. On October 6th, PlayStation 3 system owners will be treated to the definitive release of what many consider to be the most innovative action RPG in recent memory. With both the standard and deluxe versions of the game accompanied by irresistible North American exclusives, like a special pre-order bonus art book, we hope this is an offer patient Demon’s Souls fans will be hard-pressed to resist.”


So get ready North America for October 6th as this Playstation 3 exclusive is strapping up to be amazing!

Check It Out:

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