Posted by Mike on July 2, 2009

Report: PS3 wins Console War by 2011, No new Consoles until 2013

Sweet New PS3 Bundle

Sweet New PS3 Bundle

Today Wedbush Securities famous for Mr. Michael Patcher has forecast that no new home consoles will be released by the big three until the year 2013 at the very earliest.

The report also offers sales estimations for each current generation platform up until 2011.The Wii taking the top spot with global sales of 93 million, however,the PlayStation 3 have been placed ahead of the Xbox 360, with Sony’s machine selling 49 million consoles compared to the Xbox 360’s 44 million total console sales.

This is very very interesting new for PS3 owners as the PS3 was released awhile after the 360 and technically should always be in 3rd place. Wedbush also stated that they do not expect a new console until software sales peak as with the other console lifecycles, but do not expect that to hit soon, if ever.

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